Sur Ron Electric Bike: The Ultimate eBike

Sur Ron Electric Bike: The Ultimate eBike

It doesn’t have the high-pitched whine of a two-stroke engine that dirt bike riders are accustomed to, but Sur Ron Electric Bike has plenty to offer.

Is it a battery-powered motorcycle, or a self-propelled mountain bike? A little bit of each, actually. And with a top speed of around 45 mph, and a battery range of around 50 miles, this amazing two-wheeler is for off-road speed demons as well as those just looking for a fun new way to roll. It’s easy to see why they’re in such demand right now.

The Sur Ron Electric Bike is super-quiet too, with just a little whir from its electric motor, so if you were in a race situation it’s possible you could literally sneak past your competition. Just give them a friendly beep from the horn as you go by!

Though it’s smaller and lighter than a motorcycle, the aluminum-alloy, chain-driven Sur Ron Electric Bike is much more rugged than a mountain bike. It’s extremely nimble, and quick enough to pop a wheelie on takeoff, and front and rear shocks with plenty of give help to cushion the ride on rough terrain. 

It offers a steady ride because there are no gears to shift, and though it’s built for riding off the roads (and has foot pegs instead of pedals), there’s a conversion kit available so it can be set up for more urban-friendly use.

Who is Sur Ron?

The bikes themselves are produced in China but are upgraded considerably through a unique arrangement with a company called Luna Cycles of Rancho Cordova, California (part of metro Sacramento).

This is how the company describes its popular product: “Easy to maneuver like a bicycle, but with fun producing power like an off-road motorcycle. It enables the rider to focus more on riding, and having fun.​”

Luna Cycles is the exclusive dealer for North America for Sur Ron USA, which is owned by Kim Regg, a successful motocross racer who has also run his own machine shop for three decades.

Regg was in the process of designing his own electric bicycle when he tried out a Sur Ron Electric Bike and realized it was a great product that just needed a little improvement. So he put his experiences as a rider and a tinkerer to use and has come up with a few ways to make them even better. 

How Much is a Sur Ron Bike?

The newest eBike from Sur Ron, the LB X-Series, is lean and muscular with a tough-looking flat-black color scheme. They are priced at $3,600. 

Why the Sur Ron X Bike is Amazing

The X-Series borrows a bit from both dirt bike design and mountain bike technology. Among its standout features are an adjustable air suspension fork and a rear coil shock that each allow almost eight inches of travel.

Thanks to its relatively light weight of around 110 pounds and an 8-horsepower 6 kW motor, the Sur Ron Electric Bike is downright zippy. The bike is air cooled, of course, but the “mid drive” motor is said to be less prone to overheating than motors attached to the rear hub.

In terms of range, the Sur Ron Electric Bike can run for 50 – 60 miles and takes about 3 hours to charge. Supplying the power is a 60-volt 32ah battery pack that is housed in a compartment where the gas tank would be and is easily detachable. A flick of a switch gives you the choice of two power modes – full power setting or an economy setting which reduces the motor output by half but stretches the range.

The cycles are 73.6 inches long and just under 46 inches high with a wheel base of just under 50 inches. The ground clearance is 10.6 inches.

Each Sur Ron Electric Bike weighs 110 pounds and can carry up to twice that load. There are four-piston hydraulic disc brakes (front and rear), and it can handle grades of up to 45 degrees.

If you’re looking for adventure, the Sur Ron Electric Bike is certainly something new and different. It’s got the look and feel of a classic motocross bike in many ways, and it’s a clean machine, too, with no smelly exhaust fumes. It’s a cutting-edge fully electric heavy-duty eBike that offers a fun, smooth ride – and there’s a good chance your ears won’t be ringing when you take off your helmet!

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